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3 Favorite Yoga Videos We Have Filmed

3 Favorite Yoga Videos We Have Filmed

From all the videos we have filmed and created together with my boyfriend my favourite yoga videos are from Nuda Sisters photoshoots! Being in two together on video feels empowering, strong and soft at the same time.

I've been lucky to meet amazing women. Something I really love, is the creativity thinking used to combine two body movements. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge to come up with naked poses that are in harmony together. Its very interesting and fun!

How do we film yoga videos?

When we create together for Nuda Sisters, it’s more about the photography than really filming yoga videos. First we concentrate on photographing a particular yoga pose and after we redo the pose and my boyfriend films a short video clip with his Fujifilm camera. We usually plan in advanced to make some kind of movement in the pose.  I've really liked the artistic end result of the videos and would like to create more of them in the future!

When is just me and my boyfriend taking yoga videos for example to my Patreon page, my boyfriend sets up more cameras around - to film in colour and also in black and white. Its seems quite funny when he is running around. He has one camera on a tripod, one go pro attached to his photography camera and one more go pro a bit more distant.


1# Advanced Yoga Practice Video


I filmed this video together with Martina Sergi, whom is a yoga teacher! It was great to try more advanced poses on video!  Read more about Martina.


2# Yoga shapes with Eleonora


The natural light in the video that came trough the big windows of the yoga studio was beautiful! I especially like the diamond yoga shapes we performed with Eleonora. Have a look at these advanced yoga poses for photography!


3# First Ever Yoga Video Filmed for Nuda Sisters


This is what inspired us to film more videos! Luckily Mona felt comfortable enough to be in the videos too with me. :) See Mona's blog.


Which video was your favourite from the three above? I hope we can film naked yoga also in nature sometime soon and I think it would be worth to take in colour!

Yoga has been part of my life for so many years now. I talked about how natural yoga feels in my previous blog post!

Thank you for your support! Leave your thoughts below in the comments! xx

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March 14, 2020

two pure angels showing the greatness of nature


March 13, 2020

Yoga make a powerful and best espiritual womans.Thanks a lots for this beautiful give and works and continues doing your best! Have a wonderful day.

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