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5 Most Popular Fine Art Pieces

5 Most Popular Fine Art Pieces

1. Yoga Girl Elegant Headstand is one of the first four photos I decided to make available through the art gallery. This photo was taken not long after I started my Instagram account.

Elegance wall art print hanging on the wall for interior inspiration and home decor

2. Yoga Girl Freedom Jump Art Print (framed) is photographed in Italy on the mountains. In addition to yoga photos I wanted to try artistic jumps. I love jumping!

Fine art print Freedom by nude yoga girl

3. Grateful Yoga Pose Art Print is captured in Italy too, on the mountains near by Venice. Taking photos from the top of the mountain downwards, works great as simple and minimalistic background in black and white images.

Fine art print grateful by nude yoga girl

4. Yoga Letters Art Print When I tried making letters with my body for the first time I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. But it was such fun to use creativity and come up with new ideas... the concept evolved into simple words that have meaning. I might go through the whole alphabet!

Yoga art print hanging on the wall in classical interior.

5. Yoga Pose Photo Collage has been a favorite since it was added to the online art gallery. You might know my question from Instagram that I ask when posting a collage '' Which one do you like the most....'' I've been asking this question on a monthly basis after posting  my first collage back in 2016.

yoga art print hanging on the wall in bedroom for interior inspiration

Hugs and kisses! xx

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