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5 Yoga Styles I Love to Practice!

5 Yoga Styles I Practice the Most

I get asked these questions the most about yoga… How can I start, what yoga styles is for me, what kind of yoga do I practice myself.

There are so many yoga styles and variations nowadays that is no wonder if you spend some time thinking about the above! I have tried several styles from Acroyoga to Sup yoga… Aerial Yoga to even Rap Yoga!?

I decided to make a short summary and descriptions of the yoga styles that I practice regularly… My favorite 5.


Yin Yoga


Yin yoga practice

I practice Yin Yoga the most at home during evenings. I choose this yoga style if I feel tired but on the other hand Yin Yoga is also create to calm you down or relief stress.

I’ve also noticed that while I’m for example abroad and going to practice in a studio, Yin yoga feels a ‘’safe’’ option. Yin is restorative, there for a passive practice.

The asanas are quite long (at least 3-5 min). The classes are slow-paced so it’s great for yoga beginners too. In Yin yoga stretches are mainly light and soft.

Many times at the start I don’t feel much. But because you stay in the asanas for longer, your body relaxes more and you start feeling all the stretches.

The point in this yoga style is to stretch the muscle tissue and not the muscle itself and this can be achieved by not stretching too strongly. Yang yoga is more physical which is a good balance for Yin.

If you do other sports actively or go to the gym, Yin yoga could be a good fit to your training schedule.



Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga yoga practice

I practice Ashtanga in the mornings, after waking up, with an empty stomach. Ashtanga is a dynamic practice and it’s one of the hardest yoga styles.

For me it’s absolutely the most challenging physically because in addition to improving mobility also strength and balance are well worked on.

If you practice Ashtanga regularly, you are usually able to notice improvements in a short period of time. Maybe for that reason it can be very addicting, if you just start!

Ashtanga practices have many positive effects. Personally I notice that it improves my energy and cleanses my body.

Asanas are always practiced in a detailed sequence and in a way the asana before prepares the next one. It’s very important to practice this yoga style by listening to your body.

In a way I’m happy that I didn’t discover Ashtanga when I was younger… The ‘’performer’’ me could have injured herself in the process… Now I understand better my limits.

A Traditional Ashtanga practice begins with five A sun salutations and five B sun salutations. Those are followed by standing asanas and then sitting asanas.

The yoga asanas at the end relax your mind and also your body. Even if you practice constantly the same sequences, in my opinion Ashtanga is one of the most versatile yoga styles.

Supporting yoga equipment is usually not used in Ashtanga.



Katonah Yoga


Katonah yoga practice

I’ve taken mainly private Katonah classes and it’s a fairly new yoga style. When I was in New York I noticed that Katonah yoga was everywhere compared to other cities. Katonah combines hatha yoga, Taoism philosophy/geometrics and pranayama.

The main goal of the practice is to support your own potential and growth to happiness.

A lot of yoga equipment is used in Katonah like yoga blocks, bolsters, straps and chairs.

I have learned so much about my own body during Katonah classes! I’ve also received a lot of advices that has been useful for other yoga styles too, for example for my overextended joints. This is a very interesting practice!



Vinyasa Flow


Vinyasa flow yoga style

I mainly practice Vinyasa Flow often when I’m at home/traveling, by myself or online. The meaning of vinyasa is to synchronize movement and breathing together. In this yoga style, the body moves in the pace of your breathing.

Free flowing dynamic sequences are for example compared to Ashtanga, very creative and variable.

Yoga teachers create their classes without a ‘’set’’ plan to follow. That’s why the pace of different Vinyasa classes can vary a lot.

Vinyasa flow was my favorite in the past. I always recommend it to people who are looking for a effective practice with a touch of playfulness.


Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga style

Hatha yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of yoga which teaches physical postures.

I love Hatha because it’s a gentle and slow-paced yoga style. It’s also well suited for beginners in yoga. The classes are usually versatile and in addition to physical asanas also breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises are included.

My yoga teacher training was based on gentle Hatha yoga.

What is your favorite yoga style? :)


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John. Quintana

April 05, 2020

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