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Meditating helps you improve your self-esteem

8 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Strong self-esteem wasn’t natural to me


I feel like I have good self-esteem nowadays but I remember a time when I was very insecure. Still about few years back I wrote this:

''Many have commented that I seem a balanced person through my Instagram, a person that feel comfortable with herself. Yes, I feel like that nowadays but the journey hasn’t been easy.
I’m still good at criticising myself... Because of it my self-esteem gets lower and I also have big moments of insecurity. I feel like wanting to disappear because I don’t know how to be. I feel a ‘’lesser’’ person than others.''

I’ve always been a little bit of a perfectionist and sensitive to other’s opinions. Therefor I believe a strong self-esteem wasn’t natural to me. I do believe that our own thoughts determine us greatly and we can work on ourselves.

By developing your mind you can improve your self-esteem and change your life. A good self-esteem affects your wellbeing, relationships, everything. Going through the process and all the trouble to improve it, is really worth it.

It’s healthy to love yourself and feel capable of doing different things.

In this blog post I listed things that I feel have contributed to improving my self-esteem. I would love to hear your thoughts also on the subject!

8 ways to improve your self-esteem

What helped me improve my self-esteem 


#1 Learn patience

At one stage my self-esteem was low because I was so lost with myself. I hadn’t found my place in this world, in anything really.

In the past I got frustrated easily if I didn’t know how to do something or didn’t succeed as I wished.

I’ve taught myself to accept that I can’t always succeed and plans don’t always turn out how we wish. Even if things feel very uncomfortable in the moment, they can have positive consequences and affects later on.

Managing failures and not knowing is good so that your self-esteem is not too affected from single episodes and hardships.


#2 Understand the beauty of being unique

Especially when thinking about the way we look, for me it’s easy to think that if something would be changed, the whole of me wouldn’t be as unique.

You should remember that in the history of human beings, there hasn’t been and there will never be someone exactly like you.

Every single one of us is completely unique and that’s our power. To compare yourself to others is senseless.

Whatever the false beauty ideals build by our society are at this moment, look and speak to yourself gently. Like you would to your best friend.

Yoga to help you understand your uniqueness

#3 Try

This was a big realisation for me. When I understood that hard work and trying are more important than talent. Anybody can be successful if you are prepared to work hard for it.

When developing your self-esteem, it’s important to remember that only a few of us are born with exceptional talent and skills. Most of us are born with moderate/average talent.

I’ve read that on average humans use at most 10% of their potential. In reality everyone could get much more out of themselves.

We set limits to ourselves easily. Therefor starting to believe in yourself is extremely important. We all have potential inside but it’s up to you to find it and develop it if you wish to get as much us possible out of yourself.


#4 Choose your own path

Finding photography, yoga and writing, has affected greatly in my self-perception.

I suffered a lot in the past because I didn’t know what was my thing. I wanted so badly to find something in which I could invest my time in, something I feel naturally passionate about and pleased with.

Self-realisation in a way that you feel happy about is very important for your self-esteem in my opinion.

It can be a job or hobby but investing time to find your ‘’thing’’  is worthwhile. You shouldn’t only do things to please others or just because you are supposed to.

You get so much energy from self-realisation, doing what you are passionate about will make your positivity radiate everywhere!

Sometimes changing industry completely is the right thing. No matter how good you are in what you do. If you know something will make you happy, you should invest in it. Hard work will bring results in time.

power yoga for strong self-esteem

#5 Find your strength and worth

We all have good features and beautiful sides. Write down all the things you are good at, what you can do, what features you like in yourself, what have you got positive feedback for etc.

When you find these strengths, you can concentrate on them and behave so that they are emphasized. Knowing yourself is directly linked to doing something meaningful for you, experiences of success and thus also self-esteem.

Working against your values and desires on the other hand has a direct negative effect on self-esteem in my opinion.


#6 Be optimistic and learn healthy selfishness

We should only expect the best. A pessimist doesn’t get disappointed but if you don’t expect to deserve good things and a good life, you certainly won’t achieve them.

I think the attitude should be positive, expectant and appreciative. To be proud enough of yourself.

It’s good to have healthy selfishness so that you know how to say no: if you try to be something for the whole world, you are nothing to anyone.

This required a big change for me. In the past I had a great need to please others. I was rather silent than had a different opinion. I did things I didn’t stand behind but it was easier to agree than oppose.

It’s easier to be careful and walk the ‘’middle’’ road but for your self-esteem (and for success) it’s better to learn, go in a different direction than the mainstream.

It’s important to listen to your heart and do things according to your own thoughts without thinking too much about other’s opinion or possible critique.


#7 Be a good person

Knowing inside yourself that you treat others well, also affects your self-esteem. When you approach situations, persons and things in a positive way, you get a more compassionate image of yourself too.

If someone is not good to you, don’t let it affect your confidence but be ‘’above’’ it. Forgive, don’t take revenge.

Don’t let others bring you down: You know who you are and hold onto that. No one is perfect but at least you know that you are trying your best and you don’t mean evil to anyone.

If it’s not this way, maybe it’s time to improve yourself so that you can be the person you want to be. If you are in a discouraging and negative company, change it.

Life is too short to spend time in bad company and especially in company that lowers your self-esteem. But don’t blame others, take responsibility to be a person you would like to meet yourself. Smile –it makes you feel more confident instantly.

Whole body self esteem yoga practice

#8 See yourself as whole

Before I divided my looks into different sections, details. I came up with more things I didn’t like than I did. I had a feeling that what if I could change those things…

When I think of myself as whole, I wouldn’t change anything. It’s the same for characteristics and habits. All things have two sides to them, choose to see the better side.

Try also to remember that no one notices small ‘’flaws’’… In other people, we notice the essence, not a single pimple or root growth.

Many times growing older and putting things into perspective also helps a lot. My yoga practice helps me a lot too! :)

xxx NYG

3 Responses


April 07, 2020

Great lines🖤


April 07, 2020

I love your work and all the positivity you radiate. It takes courage and lots of efforts to do this. Thank you, you’re amazing! I am yet to figure out my thing, but this post was really helpful. Sending lots of love and blessings your way ❤️


April 07, 2020

It felt so good to read this! I love the humility you put in your words.

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