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Aerial yoga practice class

My First Aerial Yoga Experience with photos!


What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a yoga practice in which you use a yoga hammock. This yoga practice suits everyone and it’s not that acrobatic. But for an acrobatic lover like myself, it can present nice challenges too!

Aerial yoga classes are mainly about yoga asanas. The yoga swing is an addition but also support. The central support helps you balance, stabilize movements and divide the weight of your body to the right parts.

In aerial yoga it’s great that you can achieve your pose goals in a shorter time and a safer way.

Aerial yoga practice is great to improve your mobility and strength. Like in a normal yoga practice, breathing is a key part of aerial yoga for your body and mind.


Aerial yoga practice in yoga studio

My first Aerial Yoga class

This sport is genius, I came back home and thought that I have to get an aerial yoga silk hanging from the roof! Stretching was more pleasant than on the floor.

After the class I felt vigorous and tall. Hanging while stretching made more room between each vertebra in my spine. The experience was completely unique and fun!


Yoga girl practicing aerial yoga

How was my first Aerial Yoga Photoshoot?

It was so challenging! I would need to get much more familiar with the yoga hammock to feel fully in control! It was difficult and a struggle but so much fun!

I looked at pose inspirations online but I also have to remember to hide my face and my intimate parts while taking photos. Too many moving parts for a beginner in aerial yoga! 

The hardest part was being bare skin against the silk of the hammock. With all the twists and turn of aerial yoga I felt my skin pinching often! 

The photos turned out surprisingly fine in my opinion. Although each of them took several tries!


Aerial yoga class in yoga studio


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March 20, 2020

Loved it! Would like to try similar❤️

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