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My 6 bad habits

My 6 bad habits

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1. I leave things after me and I’m quick to make a mess. I'm a little bit clumsy and sometimes I don't even notice the mess I've created. You should see our kitchen after I've taken photos of some recipes...! But on the other hand I like to have a tidy home. So I switch between this two all the time.
2. I never take totally free days from work. As an entrepreneur is hard to just leave your work and I usually end up thinking about it all the time. This is something I would certainly have to improve on!
3. I answer to facebook messages usually very late and to all the other messages also really.
4. I’m too optimistic with schedules. I schedule so many things for one day and I think that different tasks take shorter than they actually do. So I never manage to complete what I had in mind and it's very frustrating.
5. When I’m stressed, I forget to write things down on my to-do list but I say them out loud. And I stress about how do I manage to do everything on time…
6. I take just bites from cookies, cakes, bread, cheese etc. and leave the rest in the package. Not very nice for the one who goes next for them. ;)

I don't think this habits are dramatically bad or getting rid of them would be a must. But I certainly would like to improve on a few! :) Would any of these be on your list!?

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December 14, 2018

some suggestions to improve on some of your qualities err… “bad” habits:
1. this is just an unconventional approach to what order is, you are an artist, after all!
2. all successful entrepreneurs take some time off to think about their business, try to put free moments in your schedule, like any other activity and DON’T be tempted to move them. Doesn’t have to be whole days, try with one hour once or twice a week ;)
3. don’t see an issue in that, and I do it all the time…
4. put some contingency time in the schedule and be just a bit more pessimistic with what you can do in a day. Be flexible, think of a plan B for the main activities
5. it is normal: putting things down in the to do list is a work in itself, sometimes you need to choose between doing the work or writing it down. I found useful to take voice notes on my phone with one of those recorder applications. Also going digital with microsoft notes was quite helpful to me :)
6. this is really orrible

Don’t get rid of your bad habits: a perfect person would be much less interesting and possibly unbearable for those nearest to her…

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