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How Does My Yoga Practice Feel?

How Does My Yoga Practice Feel?

I actually got into naked yoga through my photography. First it was about creating artistic photos… And very soon it became part of my weekly yoga routine. It started to feel so natural.

I get asked many times on Instagram about how does this yoga style make you feel? Why do you practise naked? How is it different? Where can you practice?

Practicing without clothes is a very personal and intimate experience, at least it is for me. How you can benefit from this type of yoga practice, depends a lot about how and in what way you approach it. :)  

#1 This yoga style is about honouring and respecting your body

Our bodies are a wonderful mechanism, they carry us through life. But we often talk very harshly and negatively to ourselves. Instead of giving our bodies the respect they deserve, we usually only think about everything we don’t like or what we could change. Our bodies are our temples, they carry us through our lives.

For me this yoga practice is about giving love to your body, respecting and taking care of it consciously. Being there with it! Thinking about all the amazing things it’s capable of doing. Focusing on how you feel on the inside, not how you look on the outside.


My Naked Yoga Practice At Home

#2 Being present with yourself in the most natural way

It’s just me. No layers, being just with my raw and natural self. I can observe myself in a way that I usually don’t.

This helps me stay present in the moment because senses feel enhanced too. The feeling of air on my skin…

#3 Feeling of freedom during your yoga practice

Not having clothes on makes me feel absolutely free. If I practice in nature, it feels like I become part of it. We are part of nature, but somehow it’s easier to remember it like this. Being wild.

We are becoming too disconnected from nature and I also want to practice more outside whenever I have a chance.


Naked Yoga in Nature


#5 What styles of yoga?

My favorite styles of yoga are ashtanga, vinyasa flow and yin yoga. Or just hatha. You can be creative, don’t take yoga so seriously.

I love to be playful and listen to my body. Some movements and asanas are more gentle to do naked than others, so flow by your intuition.

#6 Where to practice yoga naked?

I’ve never taken a naked yoga class so I wouldn’t know to recommend you one. But I have noticed that the amount of places offering naked yoga classes and naked yoga teachers is growing. Maybe I could try too one day?

For me naked yoga is a very private and intimate practice and I need my own space for it. Weather I’m inside or outside in nature.  Would you prefer to practice in a class or by yourself? Let me know in the comments!

#7 Professional Yoga Photoshoot

Taking naked yoga photos is very different. It’s a professional photography environment. That’s why I feel very comfortable about creating naked yoga photos together with other women for Nuda Sisters around the world!

It has been very empowering for me and others also. It feels surprisingly natural and normal. It’s just different bodies. Many times I even forget that we are naked because you see just a person.


Artistic Yoga Video



This is one video of my 3 favorite naked yoga videos of all time!


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4 Responses


March 13, 2020

My response from your IG competition.

I love #1. It is the essence of the female/human form and communicates the full beauty of what humanity can be.


March 11, 2020

I have practiced naked at home and because I am a large woman,I have a hard time with my boobs getting in the way or.. Since I live in a warmer area..I get stuck to my mat… Have you tried a cork mat? Because I’ve been considering buying one of those…


March 11, 2020

Follow you at Instagram. I get a happy smile each time I see a new post from you. Your love to your body is so beautiful❤️


March 11, 2020

I practice yoga naked in my private area for several of the reasons you mentioned, mostly the 2nd and 3rd. I don’t mind practicing in a group, but I don’t know of any that does it in my area *Canary Islads(.

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