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Not sleeping well? This helps me!

Not sleeping well? This helps me!

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1. The most important thing for me has been not drinking anything that contains caffeine like coffee after midday. Even after 10 hours you can still have 10-25% of the caffeine left in your body.

2. Even on weekends I don’t sleep longer. I try to maintain the same routine each day.

3. I only have a glass of wine now and again because alcohol affects the quality of your sleep in a very negative way and it also reduces the time of deep sleep.
4. If for whatever reason I can’t sleep, instead of rolling around my bed, I have something to eat like a banana for example. Large variations in blood sugar can also cause sleeping problems.

5. Sleeping socks help too. Heat increases surface blood circulation and decreases the internal temperature of the body and that causes more sleepiness.

6. Late in the evening I only practice yin yoga or just meditate to make myself more relaxed... Candles, essential oils, playing guitar music from Spotify are my favorite things to combine.

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January 30, 2019

is only true if you don’t live in a tropical country…

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