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Woman taking nude photos in central park

Nude Photos in New York City - Video

We made a one month trip to New York in September. Our plans were to take nude photos (yoga) around the city! In popular locations like Central Park, The High Line and Manhattan Bridge…

I was very skeptical about it. Everything started from a light joke really! BUT we managed to take photos in all of the locations and also filmed behind the scenes video material. It was crazy!!


Nude photos in Central Park




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How do you set up a nude photoshoot in the middle of Central Park? 

We only use natural light in our outdoor photography. This means we couldn’t take photos in the middle of the night.


#1 Choose locations and time wisely for your nude photos

We did some location scouting and visited all the locations beforehand. We tried to visit them at the exact same time we had planned to photograph. It was September and we had to wait until after 7am for the morning light.


#2 Plan your nude poses in advance

Planning your poses is advance is a must! NYC is filled with people and it’s important you know exactly what you're doing if you take photos nude.

Everyone involved should know what is going to happen because once the clothes are off, it’s very hectic! We went through the nude poses a couple of times prior to the photoshoot and talked about the end results we wanted to achieve.

Be sure and confident about the poses you choose.


#3 Have a small photography team

I photograph together with my boyfriend and there is always two of us. Bigger groups and set ups will only attract unnecessary attention! I recommend to be just in two and the photographer not to wear any bright clothes! ;)

Woman posing nude in central park


#4 What kind of clothes?

Have clothes with you that are easy and quick to take off and put back on! I borrowed a long coat from my friend actually. My boyfriend had it near him just in case and on a couple of occasions it saved me!


#5 Can someone see you posing nude?

There is always a chance! I can’t be a 100% sure that no one saw me… At least I didn’t see anyone looking at me so it doesn’t matter! It’s only our natural state.  But it’s good to be prepared so that you are not shocked if someone crashes your nude photoshoot!


#6 Create your nude art

We create these nude photos for artistic purposes and they are one of a kind experiences for us to remember! I love the contrast of being in my natural state and iconic city places. We had so much fun on this trip.

People in New York have seen everything and nude women taking photos won’t make anyone stop and stare. People just carry on with their lives. :)

Woman posing during nude photoshoot in central park


Exclusive video episodes

The video in this post was a part of the full video episode in Central Park… Full episodes also include me talking to you, feelings after and more! And there is also part two.

We filmed videos in all of the locations on New York and Los Angeles! In LA we photographed nude photos under the Hollywood Sign, Manhattan Beach and Joshua Tree National Park.

To see the official intro video and read more about the exclusive video episodes click here. Or you can go directly to my Patreon page and subscribe to receive immediate access to 20 video episodes in total!

This weekend we are filming the first new episode of this month! Coming out soon.


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Hugs xx

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Andrew Hechtman
Andrew Hechtman

April 09, 2020

Such an awesome display of power, self, and gratitude ✌🏻💜

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