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Why I started to create nude yoga photos

Why I started to create nude yoga photos

nude yoga girl performing yoga pose in blog article

It’s been three years since I started my Nude Yoga Girl Instagram account and posted my first pictures. I didn’t have any idea where it could lead to.

I’m in a way quite controlled and don’t wear revealing clothing. For me it’s fine to emphasise feminine parts but I’ve never strived to look ‘’sexy’’. In addition to thinking that nudity is quite an intimate and personal matter, I also have experienced uncertainty about my body. In the past I couldn’t be freely naked even in front of my boyfriend or sister. It’s quite obvious that I never could have thought about creating an account online where I’m completely nude.

On the other hand, I’ve always liked b&w nude art photos. I’ve drawn naked model pictures and explored the human body by pencil and sketchbook. I’ve always admired shapes, curves, lines, skin and honesty. I like the fact that each of us is unique, we are all different from one another. We are in more than 7 billion worldwide and each one of us has it’s own personal character and bodies in which life can be seen.

Without clothing humans are raw, naturally nude and vulnerable. Capturing still moments of our human body in it's most natural way is fascinating. Nude yoga is liberating and strengthening but the idea of creating the photos came from my will to express myself and create. 

I experienced that I was able to create art in a ‘’not sexual way’’ even if I was completely nude. I got the idea of combining two of my passions photography and yoga transformed into different kind photos of the human body. And I added my third passion into it which is writing. English is a little bit of a challenge sometimes when I want to express through words but I try my best.


Read about my feelings from the start: Scared of being naked online

At the beginning anonymity gave me the courage I needed to start creating and posting nude yoga photos: Reasons I don't show my face

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Richard Kellogg
Richard Kellogg

March 24, 2019

Just a note to say that your photos are unique and artistic. Your work is proof that nudity does not have to equate to pornography. It is apparent that you also have a talent for clear and incisive writing. The blogs are nicely done.

I find writing cathartic since retiring from full-time teaching, and my Barry Baskerville series of children’s mysteries is available on the Amazon website. It would be my suggestion that you consider publishing a book of the best photos with a commentary to accompany each picture. With your large internet following, you already have the perfect platform to publicize your book. If you can’t interest a commercial publisher, self-publishing is now feasible through Create Space, a division of Amazon.

I am sure many followers enjoy your blogs just as much as the lovely photographs. My impression is that you are a delightful lady who has found a creative path for making a living. Best wishes for future success in life and work.


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